A WEATHER warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms has been issued by the Met Office for the weekend. 

Oxford was set to reach highs of 30C this week, hotter than the sunny party island of Ibiza. 

Health bosses and GPs even urged vulnerable people to take shelter inside from the heat and revealed a list of seven tips to do this weekend. 

But now the forecast has completely changed and plans for a legal gathering of six people outside might have to be swapped for a video call instead. 


Today Oxford is still set to bake in 31C heat. 

The hottest time of the day will be from about 2pm to 6pm, before temperatures drop to a cooler 22C tonight. 


Bicester Advertiser:

Thursday will stay very warm in Oxford with highs of about 30C in the afternoon. 


Bicester Advertiser:

Heavy showers and thunderstorms producing flooding and disruption in a few places are planned for Friday. 

The Met Office has put a 50 per cent chance of stormy weather at 7am with chances of grey clouds and rain dropping to about 40 per cent from 10am until 4pm. 


Bicester Advertiser:

The yellow weather warning is in place for most of Oxfordshire on Saturday.

In the city centre rain is expected from 7am through to about 10pm. 

Highs will be about 20C.