TEN Oxfordshire organisations are calling on the Government to rethink spending, halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.

Oxfordshire action groups including Didcot Against Austerity, Abingdon Peace Group and Oxford Momentum have signed a petition calling on the Government to rethink their funding priorities in light of the coronavirus.

The organisations want the Government to halt its programme of Trident renewal and all work on its nuclear weapon systems, and instead apply the funds, research and technology resources to provide vital equipment for the NHS and support the struggle against the coronavirus.

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Marie Walsh from Didcot Against Austerity said: “These are not small sums we are talking about. A recent Government briefing in February 2020 says that the cost of running Trident day to day is now £2.3 billion annually and the cost of the replacement project, currently in delivery phase two, is running at approximately £1.5 billion a year.

“Together, that is more than £10 million every single day of the year, more than £300 million a month, of taxpayers’ money on a weapon that cannot defend us against the real threats we face. This is such a waste - we urgently need to rethink how we use this money, the materials and energy as well as the people-power and skills.”