This week’s Oxford Mail Camera Club theme was ‘insects’ and everyone captured a range of creepy insects from the strange to the fluffy and even ones with wings and dangly legs.

Camera Club have proven that not all insects look scary some even look cute.

David Fearneyhough took a snap of an Essex Skipper Butterfly; it has big black eyes and almost looks fluffy as it perches on the flowers.

Luke Chambers sent in his picture of a’ female Green-eyed Flower Bee’. He has captured the bee’s big green eyes.

Pam Denton also captured a fluffy bumble bee getting nectar from some lilac flowers.

The bees have invaded Anthony Morris’ garden as he has sent in a snap of the bees that have taken over a bird box.

Allen Dannfald and Mark Guschtscha also took pictures of bees collecting nectar from flowers.

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Shez McKechnie sent in a beautiful sunset picture which captures a silhouette of an insect resting on a plant.

An interesting picture was sent in by Sophie Joanne, her snap shows shield bug eggs in her garden in Didcot.

One picture is a bit creepier. Andrew Holt sent in a snapshot of a grasshopper looking like it is strong and ready to jump.

A daddy long legs is making a wish on a dandelion in a picture by Linda Robertson.

Duncan Becker took a brilliant snapshot of a dragon fly resting on a lily pad on the water.

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Tony Steele sent in a picture of a strong stag beetle wearing its coat of armour and Denise Gurden has taken a snap of a pretty ladybird.

The creepiest picture taken by camera club this week for the ‘Insect’ theme is Tricia Perkins’ Ants picture which she captured at Burnham Beeches.

This week there have been some creepy and some cute pictures for the ‘insect’ theme.

The winner of this week's competition will be announced in tomorrow’s paper.

To continue with the nature inspired theme, next week’s Camera Club competition theme will be ‘birds’.

Post your entries of beautiful bird snaps to the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page and your bird picture could be in next week’s two page spread.