A TASTELESS April Fools' Day joke posted on social media angered Oxfordshire residents.

An image circulating on the Facebook group Spotted:Thame was photoshopped to look like a breaking news bulletin that read 'Coronavirus in Thame tap water - all Thame residents urged to isolate'.

While for some members of the online group it was obvious the picture was an April Fools' Day prank, many slammed it as 'pathetic' and 'sick'.

Locals urged the Facebook group to take down the post as it 'can potentially cause a lot of harm' during the worsening pandemic.

Bicester Advertiser:

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One user Geoff Leon wrote: "This is just the kind of pathetic joke that can potentially do a lot of harm.

"It may be theApril 1 but making jokes about such a serious situation is not funny.

"I can only assume the person who posted this has no sense at all and cares nothing for the rest of us, especially those that might worry even more as a result."

Another Facebook user Rebekah Overton argued: "Please take this down and find some other April fool joke that is actually funny.

"We are going through a lot all ready as it is and don't need to see more stuff like this."

The provocative post has still not been taken down from Spotted: Thame.