£20,000 has been given to a charity in a bid to secure its future during the coronavirus crisis.

Catalyst housing has given Leys Community Development Initiative (Leys CDI) the cash in their race to raise £73,000 this year.

The goal target will help the Blackbird Leys charity to tackle poverty and social isolation in the area through its youth projects and work with the over 50s.

The charity say the services are needed now more than ever after coronavirus lockdown rules meant the elderly were forced to stay inside and young people were only allowed out for ‘vital’ journeys like buying food and exercise.

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As well as the money helping the charity to cope with the impact of Covid-19 on the area, the cash will also help boost its services by paying for a new manager and a fundraiser.

Now the charity are working with The Good Exchange ¬– a not-for-profit funding platform – to raise the extra £40,000 before October.

Sarah East, the chair person of Leys CDI, said: “This generous donation from Catalyst provides Leys CDI with a fantastic opportunity to future proof our organisation, ensuring that we are able to continue providing key services for local people for the long-term future.

“As a grass roots organisation led by local people it is very difficult for us to raise this kind of core funding which is vital in ensuring our survival going forward. Currently we are working to stay connected with the young people and the over 50s in new ways to support everyone in need through this challenging time.”

To donate visit Thegoodexchange.com and search for 'future proofing Leys CDI'.