THE BRIGHT lights of the International Space Station more than 250 miles away were captured on camera by a Headington resident in this stunning picture.

Stargazers on Sunday night could have been treated to a dazzling night sky show.

As street lamps lit up the roads, the sky was full of bright lights doing the same from above and Howard Stanbury managed to get it all recorded on his camera.

Taking to Twitter to show off the photograph he said: "The ISS [International Space Station] passes over Headington, Oxford, right along St Andrew's Road by the look of it.

"Orion on the left, Moon, Venus and the Pleiades in between."

He explained that he had used a 30 second exposure, adding: "Brightest is the moon, then Venus to the right. Coming again tomorrow night."

According to 'Spot the Station', a site dedicated the aircraft, the station usually looks like a fast aeroplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights.