Every ten minutes a patient is diagnosed with bone cancer and even in a time of crisis the Bone Cancer Research Trust continues to help those in need.

However, the charity has launch an ‘Urgent Shortfall Appeal’ to raise money.

So far, the Bone Cancer Research Trust has raised £6,719 for its ‘Urgent Shortfall Appeal’ and still aims to raise £383,000 to help limit the impact of Covid-19 on the charity.

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Dr Zoe Davison, head of research, information and support at the Bone Cancer Research Trust said: “Sadly bone cancer cannot be put on hold - our patients and families are facing even greater challenges and we are doing all we can to be here for them.

“I am pleased to say that our team are now working entirely remotely, and our Support & Information Line remains open as a crucial connection for all the primary bone cancer community.”

The charity is holding virtual support groups and is offering an advice helpline on, 0800 111 4855.

  The Bone Cancer Research Trust is currently working on many new pioneering developments for patients, but to continue the charity needs donations.

To donate visit: www.committedgiving.uk.net/bcrt/public2/DonCC.aspx?dm_i=33LX,10T0R,2BFMIX,3VWOJ,1