The Chancellor has said that self-employed people will get government help. 

Rishi Sunak said the support package for self-employed people would cover 80 per cent of average earnings over the last three years. 

However, they won't be able to claim the money until June.

They will get three months' worth of funds in one go in June. 

Self-employed people will need to be able to provide their accounts for the last three years. 

In this afternoon's press conference, journalists raised concerns that some self-employed people who had been working for themselves for only a year would only have a year's worth of accounts. 

Mr Sunak said that the government would look at all the information that was available and if only one year's tax return was available, the available sum would be based on that. 

"For people we don't know anything about, there really is nothing we can do and that is something we've been wrestling with," the Chancellor said. 

He said for anyone recently self-employed that have not yet filed a tax return, they would need to claim benefits.

Concerns have also been raised that self-employed people won't be able to access the funds until June.

"We are looking very hard at the quickest possible way to deliver this," Mr Sunak responsed.

He also said the government has extended the deadline for tax returns has been extended for another four weeks, which has to be taken into account.

Mr Sunak also pointed out that employed people are paying higher tax rates in the main.

More follows.