CORONAVIRUS information should only be sought from one government website according to an Oxfordshire health chief.

Oxfordshire County Council’s director of public health, Ansaf Azhar, has said Public Health England’s website is the only place anyone worried the new Coronavirus should go to.

Mr Azhar gave the advice as part of an update on COVID-19 while speaking at a meeting of the Oxfordshire Health Improvement Board.

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He said the situation around the virus was constantly changing, with Public Health England updating its website daily at 2pm to give people the latest advice.

He said: “This website is kept up to date. If I told you something today it might not necessarily be the case tomorrow.”

He added: “It is very important we don’t create our own communication.”

Mr Azhar also told the meeting on Thursday that there had not yet been any person-to-person transmission of the virus in the UK.

He said: “They have all come from abroad. A vast majority of people who have been affected have had a mild illness with mild cold-like symptoms and they have made a quick recovery. It is serious in five per cent of cases.”

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After his update on Coronavirus he assured members of the health improvement board they were much more likely to catch the flu, which can also have dire health affects for vulnerable people.

He said everyone eligible should be vaccinated against the flu.

An article published in the Lancet about Coronavirus on February 12 said there had been lessons learned on how to deal with the outbreak from previous illnesses which had spread across the globe, including SARS and MERS.

But it added communication about the virus in the media had not been so controlled.

Visit the Public Health England website to find out more about Coronavirus at