SOME 40 flood alerts are in place for Oxfordshire this morning.

The River Thames throughout the county, the Windrush in West Oxfordshire and the River Ock in Abingdon are among those with amber alerts meaning flooding is possible and people should try to remain safe.

It comes after Storm Dennis swept across the country yesterday bringing torrential rain to some parts.

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Although the storm has now passed, that rain is now percolating through the ground and river levels are expected to keep rising today.

The flood alerts this morning are:

Clanfield Brook for Clanfield Village and the Shill Brook for Bampton

Ginge Brook near Wantage

Groundwater flooding in the Lambourn Valley catchment

Groundwater flooding in the Upper Aldbourne Valley

Groundwater flooding in the Upper Og Valley

Groundwater flooding in West Ilsley, East Ilsley, Compton, Chilton and West Hagbourne

Langford and Wendlebury Brooks from Stratton Audley down to near Merton

Lower River Loddon

River Cherwell from Banbury down to and including Oxford

River Dikler from Condicote to Little Rissington

River Evenlode from Moreton in Marsh to Cassington and also the River Glyme at Wootton and Woodstock

River Kennet and its tributaries from Berwick Bassett down to Newbury

River Kennet from Thatcham down to Reading

River Lambourn and its tributaries from Upper Lambourn down to Newbury

River Leach from Northleach to Mill Lane near Lechlade

River Leam and River Itchen

River Ock from Watchfield to Abingdon, and also the Letcombe Brook at Wantage, Grove and East Hanney

River Pang from East Ilsley to Pangbourne and Sulham Brook

River Ray and its tributaries from Shipton Lee to and including Islip

River Stour in South Warwickshire

River Thame and Chalgrove Brook

The River Thames and its tributaries from Lechlade through Oxfordshire including Oxford city

River Windrush from Bourton to Newbridge

Sor Brook and The Bloxham Brook and their tributaries

Upper River Great Ouse in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Regarding the River Thames, the Environment Agency has said this morning: "Property flooding is not currently expected.

"River levels are high and out of banks on the River Thames throughout the Oxford area, from Kings Lock to Sandford Lock as a result of Storm Dennis.

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"Tributaries are also high in the New Botley and Minns Estate areas.

"We expect river levels to continue rising overnight and remain high over the coming days in response to the recent rainfall. Property flooding is not currently expected."

With more rain forecast for Oxfordshire today the situation is likely to stay the same for some time, the agency said.

It added: "Our incident response staff have been in the area clearing trash screens and operating weirs. We are closely monitoring the situation.

"Please remain safe and aware of your local surroundings."