THE speed limit on a main road leaving Abingdon could be reduced to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

The A415 between Abingdon and Marcham, known as the Marcham Road, currently has a 60mph speed limit, but Oxfordshire County Council is considering proposals to reduce the speed limit on the road to 50mph.

OCC's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance, will consider lowering the speed limit at a meeting on Thursday.

Bicester Advertiser:

The area of the road highlighted in blue would have a 50mph limit under the new plans, instead of a 60mph limit. Picture: Oxfordshire County Council.

The speed limit change has divided residents, with some happy that the road could be made safer for pedestrians, while others think the reduction is unnecessary.

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Marcham Parish Council wrote to support the plan, alongside 19 local residents.

The council said: " Pedestrians are often walking next to large lorries, and other vehicles travelling at fast speeds. There is a chance of wing mirrors overhanging the footway.

"A speed reduction would make pedestrians at less risk from fast moving traffic and enable them to feel safer."

Bicester Advertiser:

The A415 between Marcham and Abingdon could see its speed limit reduced to 50mph. Picture: Google Maps.

But four people have objected to the plan.

Objectors complaints included that the slower speed limit would only increase traffic congestion in the area.

The speed limit change will be discussed at 10am on Thursday, January 16 at Oxfordshire County Hall.