From cancelled plans for a new supermarket to being charged £10 a day to drive around the city: this week our top stories have been flooded with your comments.

Here's a brief round up of what you've had to say.

This week plans for a new Lidl supermarket were scuppered after councillors said it would take up too much green space.

Local heads voted against the new Lidl being built on a green field in Grove, an area which is occasionally grazed by sheep.

Locals took to social media, branding the decision an 'absolute joke', here's what you said about it:

  • Oxfordbloke: "Councillors are elected. You voted for them, so must have had an idea of their views. If you are not happy, vote them out."
  • Wingchung999: "They obviously don't shop there, Waitrose would get the green light!"
  • Timeandagain: "The councillors are not saying they don't want a Lidl. They are just saying they don't want it there. It might be the desire of the community (and the councillors) to have one, but that shouldn't mean it can be plonked anywhere Lidl like...Lidl in Abingdon will be in an existing retail park. Totally different."
  • The Hand Grenade: "Low level corruption."

This week it was also revealed that a new Oxford Zero Emission Zone was going to be launched this year, meaning drivers of some cars will be slapped with a £10 a day charge to drive around the city's streets.

Anybody who doesn't pay could be fined up to £120.

Here's what you said:

  • Foodiegirl21: "Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, what about drivers who can't afford to change their van or car and who need to access the city centre for eg deliveries? And will the Council see this as a cash cow and extend it to anywhere the ringroad? There would be outrage!"
  • Amyjaj: "Discount for blue badge holders!! That's nice of them! It's still charging those less able to use public transport or afford an electric vehicle! yet London don't even charge registered disabled vehicles! Anyhow, who is going to own an electric vehicle in a city where you can't even park your car close to your house to even charge the thing!"
  • The Entertainer: "So basically if you have the money you will be allowed to pollute the city centre. Yet another pointless scam. If you are really concerned about pollution BAN all non electric vehicles from the city."
  • MrChuckle48: "Sure someone will be making a mint in this."

On Thursday Oxford City Council admitted it 'let itself down' after wording of a survey led to outrage from cyclists.

On a questionnaire it asked respondents if they had any opinions on 'cyclists riding irresponsibly' in the city centre.

The backlash accused the council of having a 'shocking bias'.

Here's what you said:

  • Little Miss Angry: "Mustn't offend cyclists. Naughty council. They'll have ya! Oxford's equivalent of the NRA."
  • Homer_Simpson_DohDohDoh: "Ah didums, are the cyclists upset at being found out people object to them breaking the law."
  • Grandconjuration: "Triggered!"

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