PEOPLE in Oxfordshire can now find more than 400 medical research studies in the county using an online map.

The interactive tool has pins that show where studies are taking place, such as hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes.

Users click on the pin to browse studies at that location and can also search all studies in the Thames Valley region by medical speciality, location, keyword, and study name.

When they find a study they are interested in, users visit a webpage for more information including a summary of the study, health inclusion and exclusion criteria and contact details.

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The website lists studies supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network Thames Valley and South Midlands.

Professor Belinda Lennox, Clinical Director for the NIHR network, said: “Health research is vital for developing new treatments in the NHS and improving the quality of the care that we provide.

"We rely on the public to take part in this research, which can range from filling out a questionnaire or giving a blood sample to trialling a new medication or treatment.

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"This map provides people with the opportunity to actively seek out studies that they could take part in.”

Participating in health research helps develop new treatments, improves the NHS, public health and social care services and can save lives.

Studies are offered to NHS patients that are relevant to their condition.

Healthy people can also take part so results can be compared to those with a condition.

The map is available at