AN automotive resort has renewed its efforts to support the continuation of aviation from a historic Oxfordshire airfield.

Bicester Motion is exploring ways to promote the sustainability of the former RAF Bicester off Skimmingdish Lane which has been active since 1917.

The site, which is mainly used by Bicester Gliding Club, has been preserved through an intensive six-year regeneration as ‘Bicester Heritage’.

Now Bicester Motion, as part of its masterplan to turn the site into an automotive resort, plans to support continued gliding at the airfield alongside increased historic-powered flight while exploring the introduction of aviation technology, skills, volunteer and training opportunities.

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The plans integrate with its vision for a sustainable future for the entire 425-acre site.

Daniel Geoghegan, chief executive of Bicester Motion, said: “We are genuinely excited about the future of aviation here and believe that Bicester Motion can be the driving force behind a rejuvenation of our airfield’s prospects."

Bicester Advertiser:

The company hopes that by promoting the airfield as a leisure and amenity resource, the former RAF Bicester will become a rare survivor in a time when historic airfields are increasingly challenged.

Bosses have been engaging with aviation advisers and stakeholders and are reviewing findings and guidance, such as that issued by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation.

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After its latest artist's impression of the masterplan, Bicester Gliding Club expressed concern as it appeared to show a new race track running through the airfield which club managers said could effectively stop flying.

Bicester Motion says it will 'positively engage' with the gliding club to ensure a vibrant future for aviation.