TWENTY-eight general election candidates across the Oxford to Cambridge Arc have pledged support to a campaign against a proposed major road.

The No Expressway Group opposing the construction of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway and associated one million new homes has gathered signatures from candidates across the area between the two cities.

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Out of 98 candidates in the region, 28 have pledged their support to NEG’s campaign.

NEG has received pledges from candidates from the Brexit, Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties as well as Independent candidates, and from the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Who are the candidates who have signed up in Oxfordshire?

Oxfordshire candidates who have pledged support to the NEG inclue:

  • Oxford East: Alistair Fernie (Liberal Democrats), Anneliese Dodds (Labour Party), David Henwood (Independent)
  • Oxford West and Abingdon: James Fredrickson (Conservative Party), Layla Moran (Liberal Democrats)
  • Witney: Rosa Bolger (Labour Party)
  • Wantage and Didcot: Richard Benwell (Liberal Democrats)
  • Banbury: Ian Middleton (Green Party), Tim Bearder (Liberal Democrats)
  • Henley: Laura Coyle (Liberal Democrats)

Why NEG is gathering signatures

NEG has said it is 'challenging candidates from all parties to support its campaign to cancel the Oxford to Cambridge expressway and associated over inflated target of one million new houses across the Arc'.

The campaign wants a new government to invested in public transport like the proposed East-West Rail, instead of in new roads.

NEG spokesperson Olivia Field said: "With NEG members across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire and supporters across the whole Arc, we know only too well how strong the opposition is to both the Ox-Cam Expressway and the staggering housing targets.

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"It’s great that so many candidates from the different parties have already shown that they are listening to their voters and taking their concerns seriously. We expect more will follow suit in the coming days.’

The week before last, Conservative transport minister Grant Shapps announced the Tories would review the expressway plan if returned to power.

Oxford West and Abingdon Lib Dem candidate Layla Moran has promised to scrap the expressway as a campaign pledge.

The Lib Dems have started a petition calling for an end to the road.