A MAN is opening his home to lonely residents in Bicester to serve them a Christmas meal with a Polish twist.

Damian Tarnowski along with his partner Sylwia Puzan, from Merton near Bicester, are inviting up to three people to come to their home and enjoy a traditional Polish festive meal.

Mr Tarnowski, who is 29, decided it would be a good idea as he does not want anyone to spend the day alone, after he experienced it himself before.

He said: “This is the first time I will be inviting someone over for Christmas, I am doing it as I know there are many people who are alone during this time. There are many reasons – I have spent Christmas alone - and I know how people feel.

He added: “We are going to make Christmas this year special for someone and invite someone over so they can enjoy this time and as well as see how we celebrate Christmas in Poland.”

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Polish Christmas traditions include having a Christmas Eve feast called Wigilia.

This is what Mr Tarnowski is inviting people to enjoy at his home and is made up of 12 vegetarian dishes and a Carp fish.

Every city has their own different dishes. Mr Tarnowski comes from South West Poland while his partner comes from the North East so there will be a mix of different dishes.

Mr Tarnowski has even offered to bring people to his home if they struggle to get there and even drop them back home after supper.

Having posted his invitation on Facebook, the Bicester community has commented on how ‘generous’ and ‘kind’ he is.

Hollie Armitage-Brown said: “What an amazing gesture and what an amazing kind-hearted person.”

Annette Spittle said: “If only there were more people like you in this world, it would be a much better place.”

Lee Coombs said: “Fantastic Damian, what an amazing gesture, you’re going to give someone a Christmas they would never have dreamt they would have.”

Overwhelmed by the positive response by members of the Bicester community, Mr Tarnowski said: “I wasn’t expecting so many kind responses. Thank you ever so much every one of you, this absolutely hit my heart.”

If you know someone who will be spending Christmas alone, contact Mr Tarnowski on Facebook.