OXFORDSHIRE MP Ed Vaizey said he 'won't disappear off the face of the earth' after he's stepped down from politics to pursue 'the arts'.

In an exclusive interview with the Oxford Mail on the back of his resignation this morning, Ed Vaizey said his exit - playfully described as #vexit - has 'nothing to do' with the Prime Minister.

In case you missed it: Ed Vaizey has stood down as MP

He explained that every election brings a commitment of 'at least five years', making him reflect on what he 'really wants to do'. 

The county's longest serving Conservative MP said: "I am a big, big fan of Boris Johnson. My departure has nothing to do with him or Brexit. 

"I support his deal. 

"It's a personal decision I have made to leave.

"Every election brings an opportunity to think about where you are.

"Now that I have been MP for some time, in theory I'd be signing up to another five years. I'll be 56 in the next election - so that's some time away - it's a good opportunity to think about where to do next and what I want to do." 

There has been some speculation about the future of Boris Johnson's security as MP for Uxbridge, but speaking to the paper Mr Vaizey explained: "Boris will not be taking over my seat. He is definitely going to be standing in Uxbridge." 

In fact, the Wantage MP doesn't know who will be taking over his seat but said he'd 'fully support' any Conservative candidate. 

Paying tribute to the South Oxfordshire town he said: "It's been a great privilege being MP for Wantage. Every MP says they have the best area, but in my case it just so happens to be true - Wantage has got it all - countryside and cutting edge industries.

"The whole area also has kept a sense of community. It is the people who do so much for the community it really is amazing what makes communities work.

"I'm not going to disappear off the face of the earth. 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being an MP.

"Wantage is getting bigger and there are more housing developments being built, the area is growing exceptionally, it's getting bigger and bigger rapidly." 

He added: "Being a politician at the moment is a tough environment.

"I have not been supported unduly in it. I have been very lucky not to have had any criticism really.

"Because we have a hung parliament it does increase the pressure regardless of Brexit."