THE deadline for voter registration for the upcoming general election is fast approaching.

The last day to register to vote for the December 12 election (and the deadline for postal vote applications) is Tuesday, 26 November.

Postal vote applications will close at 5pm and applications to register to vote will be open until midnight.

People who have recently registered to vote and whose circumstances are unchanged do not need to re-register to vote in the general election.

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In northern Oxfordshire, Cherwell District Council has been running its annual electoral canvass, aimed at keeping the electoral register up to date, since July 15.

Canvassers are going door to door to register those who have not responded.

Yvonne Rees, returning officer for Cherwell, said: “Not surprisingly there’s been a huge amount of news about the upcoming general election – our TV and radio stations, newspapers and social media feeds are full of the day to day developments. December 12 is the big day – but did you know that there’s a really key date between now and then?

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“The deadline to register to vote and the deadline for postal vote applications are both on 26 November.”

Anyone whose circumstances change must make sure their electoral information is up to date, including moving home, turning 18 and registering for the first time, or a change of name.

The district council will publish the statement of candidates for the Banbury parliamentary constituency on November 14.