PARENTS can now apply for their children to get accepted into primary schools in the county.

The application process has opened today and parents with children born between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016 (inclusive) can apply for a primary or infant school place.

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When applying, parents are advised to state four preferences which does not affect families’ chances of securing a place at their first-preference school.

Oxfordshire County Council says it has a strong record of being able to offer the vast majority of families a place at their first-preference primary school – with 93.4 per cent receiving the news they wanted to hear last year.

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The deadline to apply is January 15, 2020 and the council encourages parents to apply on time as it increases the chances that they will be offered a place at their preferred schools.

Families can apply online at

Although the council encourages parents to apply online for efficiency and security, paper application forms will also be available from Oxfordshire schools, nurseries and County Hall in Oxford. 

Parents should consider how their children will travel to and from school and are remined that free home-to-school transport is normally only provided to Reception age children if a child attends the nearest available school, and that school is over two-miles from the child’s home address.

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The nearest school won’t necessarily be the catchment school.

Transport is normally only provided to a school that is less than two-miles from the child’s home if it is the nearest available school and if the route is considered by the council to be unsafe to walk, even if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Parents who want to see the home-to-school transport policy should visit: