A MOTHER from a town in Oxfordshire has won the silver medal at a global powerlifting competition.

Nicola Stimpson, from Yarnton, near Kidlington, flew across the Atlantic to Canada for the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships.

Joining 415 other competitors, the most the event has ever seen, the 32-year-old lifted 185kg claiming a silver medal in the squat.

Ms Stimpson started lifting at Apex Strength & Performance in Wedgwood Road, Bicester after she attended a circuit training class three years ago.

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After returning to the sport after having her baby son two years ago, she has bagged ten Regional, National and International records in the last two years.

She said: “I train three times a week with Logan, the head coach in Bicester. During these sessions we focus on building my technique and strength to a peak so that I hit the platform in top condition.”

At the competition, Ms Stimpson, who is also a part-time paramedic, also competed in two other events including the bench press and the deadlift.

She matched her previous best of 80kg in the bench press, keeping herself in the running for a podium spot.

After taking to the platform for her first of three attempts at the deadlift, Ms Stimpson pulled 165kg her coach said she did as if she was still warming up.

A game of cat and mouse continued between the top five lifters trying to secure themselves a podium finish.

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But it all came down to Ms Stimpson’s final attempt on the deadlift of 175 kg.

Unfortunately, her lift was disallowed by the judges on a technicality which saw her finish in fourth place overall missing out on that coveted podium space by the smallest of margins.

The lifter said although she won a medal, she knows she has the potential for an overall podium spot.

She said: “This is a bitter sweet moment for me. I am so proud to represent England and hugely grateful for all the support of my friends and family that have made this possible.

“I have picked up a silver medal for the squat and that is a great achievement, one that a year ago I couldn’t have imagined possible.

“However, the competitor in me knows I am strong enough to be stood on that podium and claim an overall medal.

"I will go away from this competition having learnt a lot and Logan and I will get straight back to training and I will be back again and improve.”

Ms Stimpson was selected for the national team after winning the English Championships with a performance that saw her break the English record earlier this year.

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After hearing the great news of being selected to represent England, Stimpson got straight to work and trained for 12 weeks to ensure she was fully prepared to compete on the international platform

Head coach, Logan Usher, said: “Nicola has performed exceptionally well here and she should be proud of her achievements to date.

“She has flown out to Canada and stepped up to compete against full time athletes whilst being a mum and working part time as a paramedic. She is setting the path for the rest of the Apex team to follow.”