A ‘PARTY in a barn’ forced police to close a quiet rural road for public safety.

Loud music could be heard still blaring out across the countryside at 9am on Sunday morning as police were called to the illegal rave close to Lower Heyford, near Bicester.

Footage from the rave online showed crowds of people partying throughout the night and into this morning, with huge sound systems, balloons, and strobe lights inside the barn.

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Police did not say if the barn was derelict or not but video footage appeared to show a number of logs being stored inside the barn with ravers partying around them.

Thames Valley Roads Policing officers were on the scene shortly after 9am where the rave could still be heard blaring across the countryside.

Residents in nearby villages such as Upper Heyford commented online that they could hear the music despite being more than a mile away.

Any venue which sells or supplies alcohol or provides regulated entertainment must have a licence.

A video posted by police shows crowds of people leaving the barn in the morning as officers were forced to close off a section of the B4030 road between Caulcott and Lower Heyford.

The road was closed for approximately ten hours and there were two arrests made.

The video posted on Twitter by TVP Roads Policing also showed a number of cars backed up along the rural road.

The force said the section of the road had to be closed off ‘to ensure public safety’ around the ‘unlicensed music event’.

People had mixed views about whether the rave was acceptable.

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One reader said: “Nobody minds if someone wants to have a party but to impose your bass rhythms and annoying noise on everyone else is totally antisocial. And why is it necessary to have it so loud that it is bound to annoy other people?”

Another reader commented: “We had a rave near us a few years back that went on for three nights. It was intrusive because we couldn’t sleep. God knows the effect on the wildlife. If this is bringing so-called civilisation to the countryside I say no.”

In response to the negativity, one reader said: “Absolute bunch of killjoys. Didn’t you party in your youth?

“These parties don’t happen regularly and it’s normally shut down within a few hours.

“If it’s not shut down then it can’t be annoying many people because generally it’s the number of complaints that cause the police to act - be it noise or antisocial behaviour.”