A GROUP of travellers have reportedly moved in to a car park in Bicester's town centre.

Nearby residents have reporteded seeing about six caravans pull up late last night.

The encampment has taken over space in Claremont Car Park, which sits at the back of Wilko, Sheep Street.

Landowners Cherwell District Council, and Oxfordshire County Council are both aware of the new encampment.

A spokesman said: "Oxfordshire County Council were notified at about 8.30pm on Wednesday 21 August 2019 of an unlawful incursion at the Cherwell District Council public car park in Victoria Road, Bicester, known as Claremont car park.

"Staff visited the site at 7am today and identified that there were five caravans and six vehicles parked in an area to the side of the car park.

"The occupants of the caravans have been issued with a landowners notice, advising they are trespassing on land owned by Cherwell District Council; and a copy of the code of conduct, on how to behave whilst they are there.

"The Travellers have stated they intend to leave later today. Staff will be making further visits and we are working with our partner agencies."