A DRONE which flew into the path of a plane near Kidlington could have caused a 'fatal' crash, police have warned.

Thames Valley Police has released more details today about a 'near miss' between a rogue drone and a light aircraft, at about 3pm on Monday.

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The force said the aircraft was approaching Oxford Airport near Kidlington to land, just north-west of Bletchingdon.

Police said the pilot initially thought it was a bird, and said he could have been involved in a killer crash had he not spotted it.



Investigating officer PC Mick Anderton, of the Kidlington neighbourhood team, said: "An aircraft was on approach to land at London Oxford Airport on runway 19 when the pilot noticed a silver bodied drone with black legs flying near him, at an altitude of between about 850 feet to 950 feet.

"Initially, the pilot thought the object was a bird, but as it got closer he realised it was a drone.

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"When the pilot landed the incident was logged as an event of endangering an aircraft and the police were informed.

"Thankfully, no-one was injured, but if the drone had collided with the aircraft, there could have been fatal consequences."

Anyone with any information has been urged to contact the force via the website or call 101, quoting reference number 981 (22/7).

Police have confirmed there were no passengers on board the aircraft at the time.