VALE of White Horse District Council's leader will write to the Government to demand clarity over its housing target.

Emily Smith, the council's Liberal Democrat leader since May, said the authority is concerned that homes outlined in its Local Plan Part 2 could be unnecessary.

Previously, the authority has agreed to build homes to fulfil demand Oxford City Council has said it cannot satisfy itself.

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But the Liberal Democrats across the county have urged caution over house building – and asked that Oxford's need is formally clarified before other authorities are formally tied into building homes.

Mrs Smith said: “The Local Plan Part 2 would remove land from the Green Belt, and allocate thousands of houses in the Vale that Oxford cannot find space for. It would be wrong to do this if it turns out Oxford ultimately doesn’t need to find space for as many houses.”

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Vale's planning inspector said is satisfy over the soundness of the city council's housing estimates.

Mrs Smith added: “We believe Oxford’s need for housing should be properly established before we’re asked to adopt a plan that goes to these lengths. We’re also keen to make sure Oxford has done all it can to accommodate its own need – the duty-to-cooperate works in both directions.”