A TINY phone allegedly being harboured by a prisoner had 86 contacts recorded - none of which were linked to him.

The trial continued at Oxford Crown Court yesterday for Kevin Mcateer, who is accused of having a prohibited phone, charger and SIM card at HMP Bullingdon.

Prison officers claim to have found him holding a tiny Zanco mobile phone on October 22, which he threw out of his cell when he was caught.

However, cross-examining a police officer yesterday, defence barrister Brett Weaver poked holes in the prosecution's case.

The officer confirmed that body-worn camera footage from prison officers' search could not be obtained, as the prison only kept it on their system for one month before being overwritten.

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He confirmed that one number logged on the Zanco phone matched one on Mcateer's 'pin list' - a list of numbers prisoners can call from the prison phones - and was the subject of two dialled calls and two text messages.

However, he also admitted that it was not among the saved numbers on the contacts list, and that of the 86 that were, none matched numbers on Mcateer's list.

He also confirmed that one text sent to the phone one week before it was seized started 'Hey Kyle,' and neither of the two messages from Mcateer's friend actually mentioned his name.

Mcateer, 27, denies three counts of having items without permission.

Jurors were presented with the mobile phone yesterday, which measured between two and three inches in height.

They heard that in Mcateer's initial police interview, he said he had never heard of nor used a Zanco phone. The trial continues.