AN UNLICENSED scrap collector has been caught red-handed after taking metal from council office bins.

The dealer was spotted by a licensing officer who was on his lunch break at work when he saw the individual take metal from the council skips, putting it next to his van.

The individual was challenged, when it happened on Friday at Bodicote House, and found he was unlicensed to collect scrap metal.

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When police were called to the scene they found the man was also disqualified from driving, did not have insurance, and did not have a valid MOT.

Cherwell District Council lead member for health and wellbeing Andrew McHugh said: "It says a lot about the commitment of council officers that they have their eyes and ears open even when they are off duty.

Bicester Advertiser:

“Thanks to the actions of this officer an unlawful collector, and indeed a dangerous driver, has been taken off the road.

“Unlicensed waste collection is a risk to the whole community. It can lead to fly-tipping, pollution, and even fines for residents who hand over their waste to a collector who goes on to dispose of it illegally.

“If you are approached by someone offering to take your waste away, please remember to ask to see their licence before letting them do so.”

The council is considering further enforcement measures against the man, and the van was seized by police.