BICESTER Town Centre is undergoing £30,000 worth of Highway improvements and repairs thanks to being match-funded by Bicester County Councillors from their Priority Fund.

Cherwell District councillor for Bicester and chairman of Oxfordshire County Council, Les Sibley, Oxfordshire County Councillors Michael Waine and Lawrie Stratford and Cherwell District Councillor Dan Sames have clubbed together to get the surface in Sheep Street repaired.

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The works include repairing and replacing the York natural stone slabs, drainage channels and grids.

The councillors said it was important to bring the slabs up to a safe condition.

Mr Sibley said: "The surface in Sheep Street was in need of a makeover and revamp as slabs were broken and no longer stable for people to walk on."

The town centre is one of the areas that the district council is keen to develop and recently received £10,000 from the Government’s Garden Communities Programme, despite the desired £30,000 bid.