A LIBRARY in Bicester that closed has been left untouched for three years and one resident is calling for Cherwell District Council to do something with the building.

Bicester Library at Old Place Yard closed in March 2016 before the town's new multi-million pound library off Manorsfield Road which sits below Cherwell District Council offices in the town centre, opened shortly after.

But the building at Old Place Yard has been left empty and boarded up since, despite the council's Build! team developing supported housing either side of it.

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A Bicester resident would like the council to open it up to the community.

Joanne Barrow, 63, said: “The old Bicester library is ideal as a community space as it has easy access, a ground floor, and a little green space around it. It would not cost a huge amount to make it a really good community space.”

Ms Barrow has noticed community buildings have been built on Bicester's new estates, such as Kingsmere Community Centre and Langford Village Community Hall, but said the town centre is in desperate need of one.

Bicester Advertiser:

She said: “The new estates seem to have community buildings and with the GP and shops moving out of town, it does seem to be getting sidelined in all this development.

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“It is a terrible waste to leave that building empty, especially when community space is so needed. Even if there is a long term plan there doesn’t appear to be a plan at present.”

Ms Barrow runs a friendship and lunch club for older people in Bicester and would value having a venue to use for her group to get together.

She said: “Why are the council not allowing local people to use the old library as a community space at least until they make a decision?"

A spokesman from Cherwell District Council said: “We know there’s a lack of community space in Bicester. We are looking at various options for improving that situation and we are also considering our options as regards the future of Old Place Yard.”

The council recently received £100,000 from the Garden Town Funding Award which has been earmarked for the development of the town centre.