A COUPLE from Bicester lost the weight of an entire person between them after fearing their size would stop them seeing their grandchildren.

Katie and Tony Viney have been named Slimming World’s Couple of the Year 2019 after shedding a grand total of 14st 4lbs.

The couple used to have so little energy that on family holidays they would watch their four children play from the sidelines rather than join in with the fun.

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It was only once their eldest daughter turned 18 that they began to think about their long-term future.

Mrs Viney, 45, who has lost 9st 1½lbs, said: “As a busy mum-of-four I’d put my own health to the bottom of the pile for years. I’d always been big but with every pregnancy I just became bigger and bigger.

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“Our eldest daughter, Rhiannon, was about to turn 18 and it hit me that suddenly my children were becoming adults themselves – and that one day I might have grandchildren. At the rate I was going I knew I wouldn’t be around to see them. My fitness was terrible and even a short walk would tire me out.

“I didn’t even like walking up the stairs unless I absolutely had to. Something had to change.”

Her husband, who has lost 5st 2½lbs, decided to support his wife on her weightloss journey after she asked for a Slimming World membership for Christmas.

The 52-year-old said: “I could see how much she wanted to make a change, so I decided to bite the bullet and go along with her.”

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Mr Viney, who is a hotelier, grew up in a fish and chip shop and always struggled to resist fried food.

He knew he had to lose weight too and joined his wife on her mission.

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He said: “I’d always been overweight myself. Where I grew up there was always fried food on the menu. I used to get bored of eating fish and chips so I developed a liking for deep fried pies.

“When Katie told me she didn’t think she’d be alive to see any of our grandchildren grow up, it really shocked me into action. We joined our local Slimming World group that January and honestly we haven’t looked back since.”

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The couple said they were nervous about attending their Slimming World group but were blown away by the warm welcome they received.

Through a change of diet, they managed to shed the pounds.

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Mrs Viney developed lymphoedema in her legs after getting cellulitis three years ago and as a result had to wear surgical stockings, but since losing weight her circulation has improved and one of her legs is back to normal.

Her husband’s health has also improved since he started eating healthy food.

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Mrs Viney said: “I never realised how much our weight was having an impact on our lives. We have such a zest for life now and we’re ready to take on anything.”

Mr Viney said: “Active family days out are the norm for us now and we hope to be this fit and active for many more years to come.”