A 10-YEAR-OLD boy has been praised for handing in a dangerous knife he found in the park to police.

Samuel Collard, from Bicester, had been playing with his friends in Spider Park off Keble Road in Bicester at around 4pm on Sunday, June 23, when he stumbled across the blade.

Confused at what he had found, he immediately called his dad, Andy, who told him to put the knife in his bag and come home.

Bicester Advertiser:

Samuel obeyed and returned home straight away to show him what he had found.

Mr Collard said: “He was pretty excited to be honest when he found it: I guess at that age, boys get excited about finding unusual things.

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“I think it could have been a work knife but whoever’s it was they should have made sure it was put in their pocket because any kid could pick it up and play with it.”

Samuel, along with his dad, handed in the knife at Bicester Police Station that Wednesday where an officer at the desk praised him.

Bicester Advertiser:

Mr Collard said: “Myself and the police officer were really proud of my boy for handing it in to the police and Samuel was really chuffed with himself too.”

The father posted a photo of the knife on the Bicester General Chat Facebook Page and, although it is not known who it belonged to and what the owner’s intentions were, people have argued that the knife may have been carried for legitimate reasons.

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Harry Carter, a Scout leader commented: “I sometimes (very rarely) carry a knife in public, however, always make sure it’s in a sheath on my belt and I wear scouting clothing.

"A knife is a tool, however, some people use them for the wrong purpose.”

Michelle Slaymaker added: “It may have been a landscaper who had been cutting the grass there, they always have a knife on them.”

Bicester Advertiser:

Philip McShea asked: “May it not have belonged to an adult who took their child to the park to play having come straight from a working environment?”

Despite residents' claims, Thames Valley Police has been cracking down on knife crime in Bicester and across the county.

As part of its Operation Spectre Campaign in March, a Samurai sword was among 30 knives that were handed into Bicester Police Station during a week-long knife amnesty.

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Thames Valley Police said: "Tackling violent crime and the exploitation of young people is a priority for Thames Valley Police.

"We are working with our partners across Thames Valley to reduce the threat of knife crime and its impact on our communities.

"Keeping people safe from harm is all of our responsibility and members of the public can help by being our eyes and ears in the community. By working together we can protect vulnerable people, bring offenders to justice and make Thames Valley a safer place to live, work and visit."