A VOTE on where the town's planned 'super surgery' should be built has highlighted one site as the main contender.

Hundreds of people have voted as part of a Facebook poll on the topic which has divided the town over major changes to its future healthcare.

Health bosses have revealed their plans to close four surgeries in Bicester, to create a £15m 'super surgery' to which these surgeries will move.

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The plan is that each surgery will continue to work individually, but from the one, as yet undecided, location on the edge of Bicester.

So far, Kingsmere and Graven Hill have been tabled as the most likely options to built the multi-million pound facility and in turn has split opinions on which would suit best.

The poll, which was only available to people on Facebook, attracted more than 300 votes - from which 67 per cent of Facebook users preferred Graven Hill as the 'super surgery' base.

This compared to the 33 per cent of voters who argued Kingsmere would make more sense as a base for the super surgery.

One reader Pat Lawrence said: "If I have to pick one it would be Kingsmere as I live in Chesterton. We have no bus service so it would be a shorter journey for people who don’t drive.

"A huge car park would be needed as there are no bus services from most of our villages now and everyone will be driving or arriving in taxis."

Under the proposed scheme, Langford Medical Practice and Victoria House Surgery – both run by Alchester – would move into a new site with Montgomery-House Surgery and Ambrosden Surgery.

Bicester Advertiser:

Health bosses have said the existing smaller surgery model is no longer viable in Bicester, especially with 30,000 additional people expected in Bicester in coming years.

GPs say the new 2.5-acre ‘super surgery’ is vital if they are to continue to care for the town.

The online poll also offered residents to chance to abstain from the vote and post their reasons why, more than 30 people opted for this choice.

Commenter Euan Thompson said: "Here is the issue. I live at the north end of Bicester in Southwold. Both these options are terrible.

"Both of these are likely to be more than 40 mins walk away, meaning that I am going to drive there or bus there. The bus involves a change in town, meaning it will take just a long.2

He added: "I might accept this proposal if the surgery was at least somewhat equidistant and where all the buses stop, but it isn't, it is a massive hindrance.

"Both these locations are bad and will not resolve the problem of staff shortages or funding issues."

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Other readers put forward their suggestions of a better suited location, several suggesting the town centre is the only option to suit all. One reader said the empty units in Sheep Street could be brought back into use for surgeries, while another suggested land behind Blue Diamond Garden Centre for its existing car parking space.

Reader Patrick Chapman added: "While I am a supporter of the adage that centralisation means better for the majority of service provision I strongly believe that decentralised service is better for GP and basic nurse provision.

"I would suggest that there are many ‘buildings’ that could provide an excellent base for services it is the number of GPs providing quality service that is the problem.

"To have to wait weeks for an appointment that is ‘non-urgent’ is scandalous as is the need to play the ‘telephone lottery’ to get an appointment on the day.

"While GP telephone appointments or the use of technology such as FaceTime are a way forward these leave the diagnostic of some conditions hit-and-miss. I say no to supper hubs and more to localised services.