Do you own a van? Thames Valley Police say criminals often target vans parked in areas such as hotels, supermarkets and retail outlet car parks.

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They have given some advice on how to keep your van secure and protect your tools: 

  1. Mark your tools
  2. Take a photo of the serial number or identifying marks
  3. Use a unique tamperproof sticker
  4. Engrave tools with your initials or a memorable word
  5. Use an ultraviolet pen
  6. Register your tools and serial numbers on a national property recording database such as Immobilise
  7. Make sure your van is locked with the windows shut when it's left unattended
  8. Install a dashcam, CCTV camera or alarm to deter criminals from targetting your van
  9. Park your van overnight in a busy, well-lit area backed against or alongside a wall to make it difficult to gain access to the back of your van
  10. Use extra locks or cages such as dead locks or slam locks
  11. Install security cages inside your van so that even if someone gains access, they still can't get to your tools
  12. Empty your van of tools overnight