OXFORD West and Abingdon’s MP Layla Moran will not be the Liberal Democrats’ next leader.

Ms Moran, who was elected in June 2017, is currently the party’s education spokeswoman.

Current party leader, Sir Vince Cable, said last year that he will stand down ‘after Brexit is resolved or stopped’.

In a statement, Ms Moran said: “I am very grateful to the large number of constituents, supporters, party members and elected representatives who have encouraged me to throw my hat into the ring in the forthcoming Liberal Democrat Leadership contest.

“As a relatively new MP, however, my first priority has to be to serve my constituents to the best of my ability.”

She added: “I hope they consider that I am doing a good job so far, but I do not believe that I would be able to continue to do so to the standard they have the right to expect if I took on the busy role of Party Leader as well.

“For this reason, I wrote to local party members earlier this week to let them know that I would not be standing for the Leadership this time.”