A DRONE has captured the moment a giant tree - the height of almost 10 double decker buses - was felled from a hospital car park.

The 135ft Redwood tree had to be removed from the Horton General Hospital car park for safety reasons.

Taking on the impressive feat was Bicester Tree Services which said the tree is thought to be one of the first of its type brought to the UK around 1850.

Bicester Advertiser:

Drone footage, by Jeremy Costello of Access All Aerials, captured the removal as it shows staff scaling the towering tree, before bringing various sections of the tree crashing down.

The family-run firm said it was a shame the giant tree had to be removed but after a period of decline the tree had died and had started to pose a threat to the staff and patients at the hospital using the car park.

It was the biggest tree to date that the firm had felled - at an impressive 135ft and a base spanning almost 8ft.

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Some of the wood has since been milled and set for sale in 2020.