TRAVELLERS have returned to Bicester and set up camp in a residential area.

The town was plagued with problems last year when travellers repeatedly set up encampments at the park and ride off Vendee Drive and Whitelands Way in Kingsmere opposite.

A group of caravans has now reportedly moved to land off Whitelands Way, opposite the sports ground, once again.

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It is believed the group turned up Sunday night and the council and landowners have posted online on the Bicester Community Chat Facebook page to confirm they are aware.

Posting on the public page, Cherwell district councillor Dan Sames wrote: "Following the report of the travellers returning to the same bit of ground as last year, Cllr Wing has ensured that the police area commander, OCC travellers unit, CDC [Cherwell District Council] and Countryside Property whose land they are on, are aware.

"CDC have responded to say that work will begin to move them on with the utmost speed."

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Last week and over the weekend traveller encampments were reported in Didcot, Witney and Harwell.

It is not yet clear if it is the same groups moving sites, or separate groups.