IN ALL of Bicester Green Gym’s ten-year history, we have been rained off maybe three times, however in the past three weeks alone we have got started and then had to stop half-way due to bad weather.

Well, it is April after all, but it is in being versatile and flexible that things get done.

Even in half the time things are achieved and if people are willing to take a chance and start out then it is better than sitting around and not doing anything, so a positive attitude is everything.

We count our blessings that in previous years we have had such good weather.

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This could be a parable for us all in these uncertain political times. Despite being thwarted in litter picking, dock weeding and bonfire building we have had sunny days out planning wildflower meadow care, getting new plants for Bicester North station and going on trips out to get inspiration from other gardens and wildlife sites.

Life goes on and the good outweighs the bad.

Green Gym is also a democratic group and like Parliament, sometimes things don’t get done as people have such varying opinions.

We get around this by giving new people responsibility for planning the eight-weekly programme, chairing meetings and making purchases.

This stops any one person either getting drained and over-burdened or taking too much power and getting set in their ways. I expect we all know of committees where some people have served a life-sentence as treasurer, for example.

Social events and remembering birthdays go a long way to keeping our volunteers happy and coming back week by week, even in bad weather.

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Some then go on to join other groups as well, such as Bicester Green, Grassroots Bicester and Langford Community Orchard, as well as looking after their own allotments or helping neighbours with their gardens.

So addition (of new social activities) becomes multiplication (in benefits seen), with fewer divisions (more harmonious living).

As spring gets well under way may we enjoy the beauties of the season and keep productive and busy, like the bees, which are so endangered at the moment.

Why not start by sowing your own wildflower patch today or help Green Gym with theirs?