ONE OF Bicester's newest housing developments was billed as 'ground-breaking' as it starred on Channel 4s Grand Designs.

TV presenter Kevin McCloud compared Bicester's Graven Hill to self-builds in Holland and sung its praises as 'prime location' to build a dream home.

The episode which aired at 9pm was the first of the six-part series that will follow the first ten homes to be built at the south west Bicester site.

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Viewers tuned in from Bicester and right across the country to hear about the selfbuilders behind plot one and plot two of the site.

First up was the shows oldest couple Terry, 61, and Olwen, 73, who featured alongside Lynn, who followed her neighbours from Northamptonshire in the quest to each build their own dream homes.

The episode followed their plans to build the homes themselves, learning to build walls using wooden pallets coated in cement.

The couple created 'the blue house' estimated to cost £280,000 to build, and Lynn, a retired design technology teacher, hoped her cost would be £300,000.

The episode showed the twists and turns of building a home and the strains it put on their relationship as neighbours.

One commenter online said: "The moral of the story is: Design your own house but get someone else to build it."

While another added: "I thought the whole project came out well, apart from the houses being very close together. The money spent was much less than if bought from a developer."

Episode two will air on April 11.