A 'DISASTROUS' redesign of a busy roundabout is putting lives at risk, car drivers have warned this week.

The ‘poor road markings’ and ‘confusing signage’ on the Rodney House roundabout near Bicester Village are being blamed by motorists for daily near-misses.

It comes after the same roundabout was targeted by so-called 'crash-for-cash' scammers earlier this year.

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Reports of crashes and ‘close-calls’ have flooded social media in recent weeks with residents saying changes to the lanes are ‘dangerous’.

New lanes and traffic light signals have been introduced at the roundabout on the A41 to help cater to residents of the Graven Hill estate being built off the junction.

Bicester Advertiser:

The traffic light signalling has been switched on in recent weeks which some drivers say has exacerbated the issue.

One driver, Linda Sheppard, said she had been in three near-misses on the roundabout in the past two weeks including one when a skip lorry actually hit the offside of her car.

She said: “The whole roundabout is a total disaster.

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"Both my insurance brokers and body shop company have told me that there are numerous claims going through because of this situation.

“I hope we can get something done about this roundabout before someone gets killed.”

Drivers have blamed the design, new traffic lights, signage and other road users.

Bicester Advertiser:

Comments on the Bicester General Chat Facebook page include: “The lanes are the issue because they are confusing and too many of them. Once they are sorted I think it will flow better.”

Another person added: “The lights once you enter the roundabout are awful.

"If leaving from London Road to exit towards BV you’re stopped twice within a few meters of each other it's ridiculous.

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"I’m assuming this is why people jump the red lights either that or they don’t see them?”

One resident from Graven Hill said: “I’ve seen too many times that it’s the speed of people driving towards the roundabout which is the main issue.”

Oxfordshire County Council has been made aware of the problem and said a road safety audit was carried out last week - commissioned by the developer at the council’s request.

Bicester Advertiser:

Oxfordshire county councillor for the area Dan Sames, who helped push for the audit, said: “The new arrangements for the Rodney House Roundabout have led to a variety of incidents occurring where previously their were relatively few.

“This raises questions as to the safety of the new layout which I’m sure the safety audit will confirm. I’ll be working to ensure that these are addressed while trying to meet the needs of all users.”