THE Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford could have his licence to drive taxis in the city revoked after he was given an order for domestic violence.

Taxi driver Sajjad Malik, 50, will be referred to a council committee that will decide whether he remains a ‘fit and proper person’.

Malik was given a 28-day domestic violence protection order (DVPO) at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Councillors urged him to resign as Deputy Lord Mayor and as a councillor.

The DVPO means he must not ‘threaten’ two people with violence, ‘behave in a way that would cause any other person to fear that violence would be used’ towards those two people or go within 50 metres of Emperor Gardens, Greater Leys, where he lives.

Bicester Advertiser:

A city council spokesman said: “The city council, following liaison with Thames Valley Police, has considered the facts of the case and a referral will be made to the general purposes licensing sub-committee to determine Councillor Malik’s ‘fit and proper’ status.”

Andrew Gant, the leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: "It is not appropriate for him to continue representing our city or his ward residents."

He has asked the city council's leader, Susan Brown, to expel Malik and to strip him of the title of Deputy Lord Mayor before the council's next meeting on April 29.

He added: "I ask councillors of all parties and groups to join me in these calls, for the sake of the reputation and good governance of the city and community we share."

While he attacked Labour's handling, saying its decision to suspend him indefinitely rather than expelling him as 'weak and insufficient'.

Malik is currently an independent councillor following his suspension from Labour.

Independent councillor Mick Haines said Malik remaining a councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor was 'absolutely scandalous'.