A MAN who had paint thrown over his car by vandals has said he is ‘gobsmacked’ at the police’s ‘refusal’ to properly investigate the attack - despite having had potential evidence.

The Bicester resident, who asked not to be named, woke to find his car splattered in yellow paint which almost completely covered the driver’s window, plus splodges on the bonnet, windscreen and poured down the back window.

He said he has no idea why anyone would want to vandalise his car.

It happened overnight whilst the car was parked outside a block of flats near London Road, with the culprits leaving behind the empty spray can on Saturday, February 9.

The victim had initially kept the ‘uncontaminated’ paint can in a bid to help police with their investigation.

But he claims he was turned away from Bicester Police Station and told the investigation was closed just four days later with police only leafleting neighbours.

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He said: “It must have happened early Saturday morning as I got up to go out about 7am and it didn’t look like it had been there long.

“I think it must have been done under the influence as they left the tin of paint near the vehicle, so it doesn’t strike me as a planned crime.

“I wouldn’t have thought the tin of paint had time to be compromised.”

Bicester Advertiser:

The car owner said he contacted police straight away and spoke with an officer, another officer called him back later that evening and said they would be doing door-to-doors to speak to neighbours, as well as checking for CCTV.

Not long after, he was contacted to say the case had been closed.

The victim said it left him gobsmacked at the police response, having spoken to neighbours and finding out nobody had spoken with police and just a few neighbours had received a leaflet through their doors.

He said: “My partner came home from work that day and I had to tell her what happened.

“Obviously she was worried it was targeted, wondering will our other car be targeted, will she be attacked coming in on her own in the evenings. She just broke down in tears.

“It has been very stressful for us both.”

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The victim, who works in recruitment, said the pair only recently moved to the area and he is ‘quite reclusive’ and doesn’t go out much so wouldn’t understand why someone would vandalise his car.

He said when he was at the police station officers refused to take the potential evidence he had, adding: “I felt like I was the one who had done the crime.

“I just thought if I didn’t give them this paint and it happened again to someone else’s vehicle, or worse and someone gets attacked – that piece of evidence could be crucial.

“But for whatever reason they wouldn’t take it, not even just in case. What level of protection does that gives us as a community.”

He added: “I am gobsmacked and to make it worse Citizens Advice said they have been having quite a few cases like mine.”

The victim said he has complained to Police regulator the IOPC who is looking into the case.

Police spokeswoman Louisa Maher said the force was unable to comment as the case is now being assessed by its professional standards department.