THERE is something incredibly soothing about the colour blue and this week's Camera Club entries showcased the calming qualities of everything from navy to cyan.

Well, aside from one alarming close up snap of a common blue damselfly by Luke D Chambers.

Following last week's snow lots of members chose to contrast the white ground with frosty blue skies and water.

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Some of our favourites included a pair of images of a frozen Port Meadow.

Donal Meehan's stunning shot from above perfectly captured the full scope of the nature site, while Sharon Allen's photograph shows figures braving the frozen water.

Animals also featured frequently out and about in the colder weather, with a duck staring quizzically at a solid Oxford canal near Cropredy by Richard Beghin a particular highlight.

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We also loved Ian Marriott's abstract image of ice melting on a glass slide under a miscrope.

Not all submissions were from colder climes, however, and we also loved Io Nutz's saturated shot of Amalfi complete with blue sky and sea.

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An unusual entry came from Simon Logan, who submitted an image of Horspath Football Team laying down in formation on a pitch.

There were also a few blue-themed Oxford staples with Vanessa Andreassa submitting a pretty image of a bike tied to a metal fence in the snow and Tricia Perkins a collection of boats in the Thames.

Finally, we couldn't resist including two pictures by Darrell Godliman in our spread.

A lone customer sitting in the Deep Blue cafe in the Science Museum, in London, is a beautifully composed shot.

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While his image of a child enjoying a luminarium – a series of inflatable tents that show different coloured lights inside – has an otherworldly quality with the contrasting pink light looking like a pair of eyes.

As we are now in the run up to Valentine's Day next week's theme is love, whether it's shots that capture the emotion or a particular person or place, all interpretations are welcome.

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This week’s winner will be announced in tomorrow’s paper.

Happy snapping!