BOGUS blue badges can be handed over to Oxfordshire County Council with no questions asked this month.

An amnesty will be in effect between February 11 and 22 for people to hand-in badges they are not entitled to.

Blue badges help maintain the independence of individuals with reduced mobility, but the county council has warned that those who continue to abuse the scheme after the amnesty should expect 'tough action'.

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Last year, 18 badges were removed by the council and Judith Heathcoat, cabinet member for community safety, urged those carrying illegal badges to do the right thing.

She said: “The Blue Badge Service is a lifeline for many disabled people who cannot travel far from their vehicle.

"However, the system is sometimes sadly abused by a minority, which affects those who rely on it.

"We would like to give the opportunity to people who may be misusing blue badges to dispose of them and avoid the risk of prosecution.”

More than 21,000 Oxfordshire residents use a blue badge as a driver or passenger, but it must not be used if the holder is not present.

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Ms Heathcoat added Oxfordshire has a 'very strong track record' of blue badge enforcement, although the council could not confirm how many people were using them illegally.

Enforcement campaigns are often carried out, with 650 blue badges checked in 2018 and 2,157 Penalty Charge Notices issued to people illegally parked in a disabled bay during operations. Missing a blue badge can result in removal of the badge, a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record.

Badges may have expired, no longer be needed, or belong to someone else.

Motorists can hand them in at County Hall, any library, or send them to: Blue Badge Service, PO Box 873, Oxford, OX1 9NY. Visit