A NO deal Brexit does not present any significant risk to health services in Oxfordshire, according to a new review.

A risk assessment carried out for the wider region by NHS England SE (Hampshire and Thames Valley) identified three 'high level risks' all linked to potential shortages of pharmaceutical products and clinical equipment.

However, the report said all risks were being mitigated against by the Government plans around stockpiling of medication and increased capacity and prioritisation of medication.

A specific risk assessment for Oxfordshire CCG identified 'no significant risks', according to the 'EU Exit Operational Readiness' report.

In the lead up to Britain's EU withdrawal, planned for March 29, local health chiefs have been told to encourage GP practices and pharmacists against stockpiling medication or write longer prescriptions for patients

Director of governance at Oxfordshire CCG Catherine Mountford, said: “Ensuring the NHS is prepared for every potential outcome of Brexit is a priority.

"Government leads on contingency planning for different scenarios and we are working with them on this and ensuring NHS voices are heard.

"We are working with our colleagues and partners across the NHS to ensure plans are well progressed, and will provide the NHS with the support it needs.”