A BOMB disposal team is set to be given the freedom of an Oxfordshire town.

Bicester has granted the Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training Regiment its highest honour.

The St George’s Barracks-based regiment will now be celebrated with a ceremony and special parade in the town centre on July 7.

The decree means the regiment can march through the town with swords drawn, bayonets fixed, drums beating, band playing and colours flying.

Mayor Sean Gaul said: “After moving to St George’s Barracks in 2013 the regiment has forged a close relationship with the town council and town’s residents. We feel the Freedom of Entry is a perfect way to honour the men and women of the regiment."

The DEMS Training Regiment moved to the state-of-the-art specialist training centre at St George’s Barracks in 2013 and trains tri-service personnel in bomb search and disposal techniques ready for operations across the world.