Rather than a few ad hoc supper clubs at different locations as and when the whim takes me (which has been the format so far), I will be hosting a regular, monthly supper club in Chipping Norton.

On the last Friday of every month, give or take, Gluts & Gluttony will be popping up in Chipping Norton at 24 High St, which, by day is The Tea Set Cafe.

Every month I’ll serve a four-course seasonal feast to celebrate the finest harvests from my veg patch. I always base my menus on what I have available in my kitchen garden, but this new venture will really test my growing skills.

Still, the only thing I enjoy as much as cooking is gardening, so it won’t be too much like hard work.

If you’ve never been to a supper club before, here’s how it works. It’s more like a big dinner party than a restaurant.

The idea is that everyone arrives at the same time and eats the same menu. We start with a welcome cocktail and some nibbles from 7:30pm, then at 8pmish everyone sits down at a long communal table to eat.

I introduce the menu, talk a bit about the food, how it’s grown and cooked and then everyone tucks in.

It’s bring your own wine so no need to dash to the bar either. Around 8:15pm we tuck in to supper and generally, depending on how much we chatter, we finish by 10:30pm.

I’ve also started sending out recipe packs of the menu to guests who are interested. I’m keen that the supper club is different to visiting a restaurant. It’s a chance to meet, learn, be entertained and make some memories to recreate at home.

And that’s what I love about the supper club format: it’s just the right balance between catching up with friends and meeting new people. If you’ve booked as a group you’ll be sat together on the communal table but sharing a feast of platters placed in the middle of the table, so you’ll have a chance to chat to new people if you want to.

Plus, everyone’s there to enjoy the same thing so it’s an ideal chance to get to know new folk.

The menus are all very seasonal. It’s not vegetarian, but veg tend to take centre stage, supported by the fabulous seasonal produce from makers, growers and farmers here in the Cotswolds.

The first supper club is tomorrow night. The menu will feature a warm winter punch to welcome guests, then kale and orange salad, followed by roast pumpkin, pork belly and quince. To finish we’ll sample the first of the forced rhubarb. The whole menu should be a vibrant flash of colour to help us through the January blues.

The G&G Monthly Supper Club runs on the last Friday of every month at 24 The High St, Chipping Norton. Tickets cost £50.

glutsandgluttony.eventbrite.co.uk,kathy@glutsandgluttony.com or 07805 262667