A VIOLENT thug in jail for a knife attack has added to his 'lengthy sentence' after being found with a phone in prison.

Yaseem Ikram, a prisoner at HMP Bullingdon near Bicester, is currently serving a 15-year sentence for GBH and possession of a bladed article in public.

But on Tuesday, Ikram was dealt another four months inside for being found with a phone charging in his prison cell.

Oxford Crown Court heard how the 18-year-old had only acquired the phone that day but was caught out during an unannounced spot check.

It was said that Ikram acquired the phone after being unable to use the prison phone for 48 hours, and wanted to be able to call his family who he was missing.

His defence team said: "Not only did he plead guilty at the first opportunity, but he also pointed out the phone.

"He acquired the phone that day after he had borrowed it from someone else. The reason being his pin code used to access the [prison phone] system wasn't working, and after asking for a new one he was told it would be 48 hours.

"This is a young 18-year-old at the beginning of a very long sentence in an adult prison."

She added: "He is young and missing family and concerned for his mother, that is why he did it."

In sentencing Recorder Ann Mulligan ordered for the phone to be destroyed, but opted for the lowest sentence she could give.

She said: "It is a very serious offence, whether you intended to or not, having a phone in prison does undermine the whole system.

"You are at the start of what is a very lengthy sentence. I am going to reduce the sentence further[...]as you did immediately hand in the phone.

"It sounds as though you genuinely felt the need to contact your family and in particular your mum. You are young and at the start of a very long sentence. The least sentence I can impose is one of four months."