ROLLER-skating enthusiasts will be out in force for a day of fast-paced action at a county leisure centre and are keen to attract new fans to their action-packed sport.

Oxford roller derby team Wheels of Gory are rolling out on Sunday as part of an all-woman double-header match at the Park Sport Centre, Holton, near Wheatley. And anyone interested in finding out more about the sport, one of the fastest growing in the world, is invited to come and watch.

The local side will take on Gloucestershire rivals Severn Roller Torrent in the contact sport, which sees a member of each team score points by lapping their opponents.

Sunday’s tournament will also see Sunnydale Slayers do battle with the Bayside Kelly Kapowskis in a back-to-school themed showdown, complete with prefect badges and a ‘detention’ penalty area.

Wheels of Gory member Katherine Corr, from Cowley, said roller derby fans could expect “thrills, hard hits and spills” as “fierce women” roll out their rivalry in two exciting games.

The 35-year-old, who goes by the name Cybil War when she’s on skates, said: “The sport is amazing because it’s inclusive. I had a tricky relationship with my body but roller derby has transformed the way I think about myself.

“I’m quite large and you might not automatically associate me with sports, but you see all shapes and sizes at roller derby and each one has their space. It’s a place where women can be fierce”

The sport is known for its heavy hits and on-track adrenaline, with two teams of 14 skaters and five players on the track at any given time.

The game involves knocks and heavy shoulder and hip hits, making it a powerhouse of agility, force and true teamwork. Ms Corr said the worst injuries she’s seen are broken ankles and concussions, and players must don full protective gear.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the club’s charity of the year, Tommy’s. Tommy’s funds vital research into stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth as well as providing information for expectant parents.

The event, which starts at noon, will also involve a cake-sale, stalls selling merchandise and an equipment stall, for those spectators who can’t wait to lace on their skates.

The club will also hold a taster day on October 8 for those who fancy getting involved.