FINAL proposals to change constituency boundaries across the country would see a seat renamed 'Oxford'.

Under the Boundary Commission proposals, Oxford East would be expanded west into the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency - which would be expanded and renamed 'Abingdon and Oxford North' - and called 'Oxford'.

Bicester would be split across two constituencies, with one portion remaining in its Banbury constituency, which would be reduced in size, and being incorporated in Henley, which would become 'East Oxfordshire'.

Only minor changes are suggested for the Wantage constituency, on its north eastern border, while Witney would remain the same.

The proposals for the county - which have not changed since the last revision - would see the number of MPs nationwide reduced from 650 to 600.

The changes are meant to make constituency populations more equal, but experts have claimed they would favour the Conservatives in elections. Tories insist the system is currently weighted against them and that the boundaries are out of date.

MPs and peers still need to approve the changes - though Parliament backed the principle of reducing the number of MPs seven years ago.

You can view the interactive map of the changes at