A WORKER who died at a Bicester factory was discovered by his colleague crushed beneath a forklift truck, a coroner’s court has heard.

Forklift operator Wayne Riggall, 42, was discovered underneath a forklift truck that appeared to have fallen onto its side at Wyndeham printing factory in Launton Road last month.

An inquest opening at Oxford Coroner’s Court today heard initial reports about how the 42-year-old died while doing his job on Monday, July 23.

Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter said the ‘sad case’ involved Mr Riggall moving long rolls of paper with a forklift truck and subsequently he was seen on CCTV driving into the paper warehouse shortly before 6pm.

There was no CCTV inside the paper warehouse.

The inquest opening heard how when Mr Riggall, who lived in South Street in Banbury, did not return to the printing works as expected a colleague went to go and check on him.

Mr Salter said: “They found the truck laying on its side with Mr Riggall underneath.

“There has been a post-mortem and the medical cause of death was found to be massive trauma.

“Given it was a workplace fatality it will be heard by a jury.

“Although an inquest date is not yet known and will be set once the police and Health and Safety Executive investigation is concluded.”

Initial reports from the police, days after Mr Riggall’s death, said it was ‘un-explained and non-suspicious’.

Wyndeham said its staff were understandably shocked and offered its heartfelt sympathies to Mr Riggall’s family.