AS I write this I am having a week off from the Green Gym at a children’s holiday club.

It seems good, every now and then, to hold the reins of power loosely and let others take a turn at running the group while I and another main group leader are away.

This teaches me to let go, and them to spread their wings.

It turns out that a neighbouring green gym group are folding for that very reason – stalwart leaders are moving house and the people remaining are not wanting, or able, to take the group on.

This is very sad as they have been running almost as long as Bicester Green Gym.

However trying to get a group to run democratically can be a challenge as there can be so many options and opinions that nothing gets done, but we all know from experiences throughout history that being dominating doesn’t work either.

With any green gym there is a balance of being a social group and one that gets jobs done.

Admittedly, last week we didn’t get a lot done as it was so hot and we had a picnic lunch waiting.

On the other hand, not getting something finished in the allotted time is frustrating – especially when it could have been done with a bit more will power and determination, as you would when pushing through a long distance run.

Many of our regulars are advancing in years and not physically able to do as much as they used to so I am hoping that some may take on more administrative roles such as my job, secretary.

I relinquished the role once to let someone else have a go, but when they moved I was back in post again, and look like being so for some time to come.

The chairman has never changed and whilst he does a good job, will he still be doing it until the day he dies?

I think many groups have similar problems with recruitment, retention and development of volunteers, with the same old faces soldiering on and on.

So how about thinking about a) whether you could join a group (anything that interests you) and b) whether you could take a bit more of a lead in helping those who run it?

As the old saying goes, many hands make light work, and it is never a case of too many cooks spoil the broth.

In Bicester Green Gym, the more the merrier!

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